20 Best Golf Gadgets for Men (2017) Unique Gifts for Golfers

unique golf gifts for men

With new technology advancing all the time, the best golf gadgets for men and being constantly updated. It’s hard to find which gifts for golfers will suit your man.

Or if you yourself are a keen golfer you obviously want to invest as much as possible into professional golfing gear and high quality equipment. However, as technology advances you will have noticed that there are more and more golf gadgets on the market that are appear useful for improving your game and thankfully many of them come with an accessible price.

You do have to wonder though, which products are the best on the market? Having the best golf tech can really help you become better and better so without further ado here you can find 20 of the best gadgets for golfers!

One of the biggest advancements in golf technology is the introduction of the electric trolley. However, Stewart Golf has managed to revolutionize the electric trolley by making one that actually follows you around the golf course!

Tired of carrying around your clubs anyone? Let the onboard Bluetooth follow technology follow in your lazy footsteps as you stroll around the course with ease thanks to the award winning Stewart Golf remote trolley. With complete remote functionality and a spectacular battery life we urge you to check it out.

A classic gift for golfers with a twist! If you want to get better at golf, you obviously need to practice as much as you can. The track Putting Mat is a great product that will help you do that even while you are at home or at the office.

It doesn’t require batteries and is only 50 cm wide. The mat can extend to 3 metres in length which is more than enough to practice those difficult, lengthy puts. Plus, it will fold up without a problem to allow for easy storage.

This is claimed to be the slimmest, lightest golf watch on the market which makes it far less obtrusive than some of its competitors. This specialized golf smart watch allows you to train your golf swing timing whilst giving accurate feedback. You can also see pin positioning on the golf course with its pinpoint assistance. It provides precise distances for more than 30,000 golf courses and requires no subscription.

The golf watch has a high-resolution touch screen which can be controlled even whilst wearing your glove. You can set it to provide you with smartphone notifications and you will get free updates whenever a new golf course is added. These are just a few features of this absurdly powerful golf gadget.

One of the reasons why you want to use this gadget is accessibility. This product is basically an adjustable crutch whose main goal is to ensure that your clubs will stay intact while you travel. This is the best golf tech to protect your clubs on long journeys.

If you travel often and play a lot of golf, using this type of device can be very helpful and you should consider getting one right away! Or alternatively, buy it as a unique golf gift for a friend.

Want to refine your swing without having to pay thousands of pounds on lessons? Let the new and improved Zepp Golf swing analyser help.

How does it do this? It can help you iron out the mistakes in your swing by providing real time, 3d swing analyses that is shown as a graphical representation on your paired smartphone. You simply attach the tiny sensor to your golf glove and swing away.

The instant evaluations are linked with an online smart coach that provides you with personalized training programs from PGA players to help you boost your game to the next level. The wearable golf gadget is a great addition to any golf coach’s repertoire in order to help the students improve their game.

Errant shots can appear out of nowhere and can easily ruin your day if you cant get into the right rhythm. Thankfully, you can use the Callaway golf ball retriever in order to retrieve any balls you've hit waywards.

Since it’s made out of aluminum alloy, this piece of golf tech will prevent bending and at the same time it has a very simple yet efficient retrieval mechanism. Its a great, unique gift for golfers and can really benefit the slightly older golfer by preventing the need to bend over. It even works great in the wet conditions and that’s why some consider it to be one of the best golf tech products for pros!

7. Segway x2 Golf


There’s no denying that Segways are very popular, but having one on the golf course is definitely something unique to say the least. This can be one of the best golf gadgets out there mainly because it makes transportation easier and faster. It will also allow you to spend less time walking and more time playing.

The Segway x2 Golf does come with a bag carrier, tires that have a very low pressure and which don’t damage the turf not to mention that the battery life does allow you to use it for a few hours without a problem.

The maximum speed for it is around 12.5 miles per hour. The price is a little high, but if you do want to have the best golf gadgets on the market you know you will have to pay quite a bit. Still, this product deserves the praise for sure!


If you want to clean your golf balls properly and fast, the Club Glove Microfiber Towel can be a great solution. This is possibly the best bit of golf tech for people that want to clean the balls often and it does have a non-abrasive, microfiber construction that makes it very good for proper golf ball cleaning.

Plus, it comes with a dedicated pocket towel. The Club Glove Microfiber Towel can hold up to 300% of its weight so it even works in wet conditions without a problem.

There are many watches that are considered to be the best golf gadget for tech lovers but the Bushnell Neo ION GPS Watch impresses because it helps you acquire a range finder and a day to day watch in the same device.

It will allow you to access auto hole advance and automatic course recognition not to mention that with its help you get to see the distance to the center, back and front of the green. The automation features make it very good for golfers, not to mention that thanks to the odometer and shot distance you get which may be able to improve your game quite a bit. It’s the perfect golf gift for men.

This Light-Up Golf Ball is a cool one for those that want to play in the dark or just want to have abit of fun. If you are passionate about getting the best golf gadgets, it can be a good purchase because it enables you to see your golf ball in the dark.

Get this unique gift for golfers to bring a smile to their face! It’s an efficient product for sure and it has sensors that make it very easy to track. It also flashes really fast, in fact it flashes 7.2 times each second.

The Gimmee Putting Trainer allows you to position the putter in such a way so that you can achieve your best putting stroke and practice this time and again. It even has a laser that can be used as a guideline.

Its aimed at eliminating the most destructive technique failure in golf, too much head movement. Plus, it works seamlessly for all types of golf players, as well as there putters! This appears to be the be the best golf gadget to improve your putting. You can also adjust the overall placement of the product with the remote control which is a plus for sure.

Map and track your golf game from the 1st to the 18th hole. The Game Golf Live GPS system allows you to monitor your progress around the golf course and represents the user-friendly data on your synced smartphone. You simply have to attach a small tag to the top of the golf club and mount the hub on your belt.

Every time you tab your belt with the tag the system places a course marker. From the smallest amount of data, the system can give you highly detailed statistics about your own golf game! From your putting average to your drive accuracy, you will be in statistical heaven.

This highly rated device is used by top professionals and teachers because of its amazing ability to allow you to compare and improve on your stats. You can also get online and use it with friends if you so desire. This is one of the best golf gadgets we have come across

This nifty little bag is essential for any serious golfer. It is not only a secure shoe bag with air vents but it also provides you with all the necessary instruments to keep your golf shoes as well as clubs clean. This is probably one of the best golf gadgets for organisation purposes, you can keey everything in one bag.

The bag includes a club cleaning told, colored polish, polishing cloth, shoe brush with spike tool and a shoe horn. You can rest assured that this is top quality with its official merchandise status. It’s the bestselling golf shoe bag on Amazon.

This is a handheld device that was created with a single premise, and that is to find the balls you lost during the stray shots. The only thing to note is that this device won’t be able to find balls that are lost in the water or which are fully covered by sand.

However, if the ball is at least 1% visible the device can find it without a problem. This cool bit of golf tech allows you to locate balls that are around 35 feet away from you so you can easily roam around the field and track any lost balls without a problem.

This versatile, wearable golf gadget has its uses for many sports but its utility as a companion for golfers is great.

Link it to a host of apps to monitor your swing, track distances to the green, retrieve live metrics and more. Not only does it have great specific uses for gold, but it has all the benefits of a highly advance smart watch also. Check your mail, messages, heart rate, calendar whenever you like.

The pro sized Golf Driving net is perfect for securely practicing your shots in the garden. Practice, chipping, iron play and driving the ball with the peace of mind that the quality design of the Links Choice Pro driving net has you covered.

The target sheet can help your accuracy whilst also absorbing a large percentage of shock. This unique golf gift for men includes 24 free practice golf balls as well as a handy section of artificial turf to prevent you from messing up your lovely grass!

The Bushnell Golf 2017 Tour Rangefinder is claimed to be one of the most advanced laser rangefinders in the world.

This new version of their trademark rangefinder comes with all new PinSeeker technology which provides the golfer with short vibrations to let them know it has locked onto the flag.

It has the capability to measure up to 1,000 yards so if anyone plays on a course that has a par 10, this has you covered! Its ergonomic grip provides comfort whilst its 2 year warranty ensures that you are receiving a quality piece of golf tech.

This golf club had to be included on our list of top golf tech gadgets due to its ability to be personalized to align with your own game.

Its claimed to be a breakthrough for power, playability as well as feel. It gives golfers 25 grams worth of multi-direction adjustment and features a 12 position loft sleeve which can be adjusted to suit a golfers preferred amount of loft on their drives.

The above, along with the carbon composite crown design facilitates optimum performance for golfers who know what they like from their driver.

Wow! It may look like a very elaborate piece of kit to buy just to improve your golf game but the benefits make sense. The PlaneSwing Golf Training Aid may be able to train your muscles into remembering the ideal swing plane. This had to be part of the best golf gadgets list due to its immense capability to improve your swing.

Becoming better at golf has never been easier than it is today with such incredible pieces of golf tech like this. It can simulate a drive all the way down to a 6 iron.

This handy little bag that fits snugly in your pocket has been specifically designed to clean your mucky golf ball. The blend of materials keep the inside wet and the outside dry for washing your ball and to stop your pocket from getting wet!

This cleaning pouch is a must have for any golfer who wants all the gear.