The Best ever Star Wars Toy?

Move over C3-PO, there’s a newer droid in town going by the name of BB-8. This cool and cute astromech droid stars in the new Star Wars film, ‘The Force Awakens’ and were all hy-spherical with excitement (sorry for that...). The little ball of personality cruises along just like he does in the movie and can be controlled directly from your smartphone. Think of the possibilities!

Could it be the best ever star wars toy?

the best ever star wars toy


  • Control with your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth
  • Use BB-8's hologram feature with help from a clever app to transform recordings into hologram!
  • Can also be controlled with voice commands
  • Or let it roam around autonomously
  • BB-8 has Range of endearing expressions
  • Interacts with its environment

We really cannot begin to tell you just how cool this little droid is. BB-8 really is the perfect companion and you and your pets will love getting to know its lively personality and cute expressions. 

Its responsiveness, autonomous behaviour and adaptive personality will keep you entertained for hours on end. This has proven itself to be a serious contender for the best Star Wars toy ever made! Doesn't it?

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The Best ever Star Wars Toy?

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