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how to drink more water

How To Drink More Water?

By newtechnoiw | Aug 30, 2016

Wondering how to drink more water? Look no further We all know deep down that we should be drinking a bit more water instead of the coffee and sugary drinks that are so desirable.  When you avoid drinking water (the foundation for all life) and have other drinks it is much easier for you to…

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Turn Two Taps Into One With This Simple Solution!

By newtechnoiw | Aug 29, 2016

Are you one of those people who loves to be able to adjust the water flowing out of your tap to the perfect temperature? But unfortunately for you, the taps where you live are inconveniently separated in to two taps, one agonisingly cold and the other blisteringly hot! Annoying isn’t it! However, for perhaps the…

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tennis gadget


By newtechnoiw | Feb 20, 2016

As a tennis player myself, I’ve always struggled to find methods of self-analysis. At my peak I do not remember there being 1 tennis gadget to help. You would normally either have to go through a lot of effort and hassle videoing yourself and watching it back or forking out a premium for specialist coaching.…

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The Best ever Star Wars Toy?

By newtechnoiw | Feb 1, 2016

Move over C3-PO, there’s a newer droid in town going by the name of BB-8. This cool and cute astromech droid stars in the new Star Wars film, ‘The Force Awakens’ and were all hy-spherical with excitement (sorry for that…). The little ball of personality cruises along just like he does in the movie and can be…

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MAGIC PEN – The writing utensil of the future, available now (wait until you see what it does!)

By newtechnoiw | Jan 27, 2016

This incredible pen create by Livescribe is a life saver whether you’re at work, in education or just writing something important. The newest edition of this pen not only captures everything that you write with its specialised camera, but it also records sound with its high-def microphone to capture the valuable information that you don’t!…

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